Banff – The Natural Masterpiece of the Canadian Rockies

Banff, Alberta, Canada is the crown jewel of Banff National Park. Located only a hour and a half drive from Calgary. Banff is a natural wonder that is a must see for anyone that loves the pristine wilderness.

So what can you experience in Banff?

Hiking: There are numerous trails around Banff all maintained by the Canadian Park service. Most are easy half day hikes with others being six to seven hour all day hikes. The most frequently done half day hike has to be the Tunnel Mountain trail. It’s very easy and from the top you can overlook the town of Banff below you and at the same time the surrounding mountains above you. It is a different perspective, one sight makes you feel big and the other small. You can find all hiking trail information at the Park service office.

Rivers and lakes: The Bow River goes through the center of town and the Bow River Falls can give you some good photo opportunities. There are also numerous other smaller rivers in The Sights of Banff that you will come across if you decide to do some hiking. As for lakes number one on your must see list is Lake Minnewanka. Tucked into the mountains it is just beautiful. This is the only lake in Banff National Park that allows motor boats and there is a sight seeing boat that will take you on a excursion, bring plenty of film!

The Upper Hot Springs: Take a dip in the mineral rich, healing waters of the Upper Hot Springs and Spa. Open all year round. If you like being pampered this is the place to go. A full service spa, gift shop and restaurant-snack bar for your personal needs. In the past decade the water flow from the hot spring declines in the winter months, reminding you that there are unseen forces below ground that are constantly changing the area.

Banff Gondola ride: Take the eight minute ride up Sulphur Mountain in a fully enclosed gondola. At the top there’s a restaurant and only a small hike farther up there’s a observation deck that you can overlook the Rocky Mountains and take in the spectacular view. If you have a camcorder bring that with you also, there’s so much activity going on here pictures alone don’t seem to do this experience justice.

Wildlife: If you like wildlife you can always find that in Banff. Expect to see elk, moose, deer, reindeer, bears and cougars and wolves oh my! Many smaller creatures and birds are always waiting for your photo collection.

The town of Banff: There are numerous restaurants, museums and art exhibits in the area and walking is the easiest way to get around downtown Banff. But if you get tired you can use the areas buses, the buses are all hybrid diesel, way to go Banff, go green! Let us save this environment for everyone to enjoy.

The experiences that you will find in Banff and it’s surrounding area are never ending. From hiking to seeing wildlife in their natural environment and the abundant rivers, lakes and geological features. Banff is a nature lovers paradise that you will surely never forget.

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