20 GB MP3 Players – An Overview

Mp3 players have really begun to grow in memory size over the last couple of years. Along with size increases have come changes to the internal mechanisms, memory types, and supported files.

All the technical speak is enough to drive you crazy. Today we will discuss 20 GB Mp3 players and hopefully clear the water so to speak on what it all means.

Storage Size

When computing first began, it took rooms upon rooms to hold the information you can now find on a microchip. Just a few short years ago, a large computer contained a 40 GB hard drive now you can get them as large as 750 GB.

The same thing has happened with personal media, early models measured their memory in mega bytes now you have 20 GB mp3 players and larger.


• 1 bit is the smallest unit of measurement

• 8 bits = a byte

• 1024 bytes = a kilo byte

• 1024 kilo bytes = a mega byte

• 1024 mega bytes = a gigabyte

• 1024 gigabytes = tere byte

For a long time we meandered around with bits and bytes. However not in addition, long after the kilobyte was made available we moved rapidly to the point we are at today, the gigabyte.

Does Size Matter?

When you are talking about computers the size of the hard drive and other key components matter a great deal. With personal media players, the situation is a bit different (pardon the pun). Size matters to the user of the equipment in both cases but even more so with media players.

For example, everyone with a computer will want the latest software and such and all these things will be dependent on the hard drive. However, with a media player one person may need a few gigabytes while another needs 20 GB Mp3 players. It is all dependent on the use and the user.

Hard Drive versus Flash Drive

If you are a user who is in need of the ample memory that 20 GB Mp3 players offer you are pretty much guaranteed hard drive based memory. The most memory you will be able to get in a flash based is about 16 GB.

Hard drive based memory is just what it sounds like, your 20 GB Mp3 player will have a tiny hard drive built in that works much the same way as your home pc. That means moving parts, which can be damaged, by excessive activity or abuse.

Flash drive, on the other hand, has no moving parts and can go nearly anywhere at any time with little risk to the player. Again, you will not find 20 GB Mp3 players with this type of memory but you can get close.

Popular Brands

Most major manufacturers of media players will have many lines to choose from. They will have 1 GB as well as 20 GB Mp3 players. The brand that has kind of stolen the show is iPod and they are decent players on all accounts.

However, other brands are just as good and according to some customers, better. Creative Zen, Sansa, and Phillips all produce comparable products.

Final Thoughts

One common problem with mp3 players of any size is the ear buds. Most come with substandard head phones so you will need to invest in a better pair.

You may also want to look for 20 GB Mp3 players with removable batteries; this will allow you the freedom of changing them when they get low to prolong your music enjoyment.