A Web Developer Guide To Web Hosting Profitability

The development of web pages happens through various stages. Right from designing a blueprint to building a setup to take it online, there is so much to do.

Building a hosting infrastructure takes more work than it sounds. You need to decide on your bandwidth speed or resources, etc.

Although you can always pass this responsibility to a reliable web hosting in NZ, the question is, do you want to do that?

By combining a little knowledge of the domain and hosting intricacies, you can easily create a successful web hosting business. Further, you can use your web knowledge to cater for every specific need of clients while earning more profit.

Opportunities in the Website Hosting in NZ for earning profit

1.      Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the best way to own your website hosting in NZ business. With a very doable setup and easy investment, you can start it.

All you have to do is buy reliable hosting services and lease a portion of them to your client.

You are the bridge between the provider and the user. You can make multiple accounts under your name and sell. You can earn profit from the margin, so as your client base grows, your profit also grows.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

  • The investment cost and risk of a reseller hosting business are comparatively low compared to direct hosting businesses.
  • You earn an additional income source that is consistent and acts as a return on your investment based on your sales.
  • You get help from the parent company if there is any escalation.
  • You don’t need in-depth technical know-how to start.
  • In the case of white-label reseller hosting, you create your brand.

2.      Affiliate Hosting Marketing

You can do hosting affiliate marketing, which means promoting a web hosting provider through your webpage. With a simple sign-up by clicking on your promotion link, you can earn a commission.

This requires not much maintenance. Just agree to the terms of the commission and start promotion. You need to add straightforward promotional content, keep track of the audience and make sales happen through promotion.

3.      Other Allied Hosting Services

  • SEO Optimisation Services

You can help your clients optimize their web pages to improve visibility and rankings on search engines.

  • Web design and development

You can also provide web page creation and upkeep services.

  • Support E-commerce Stores

You can offer your customers different tools that will help them manage online shops.

  • ¬†Domain registration and management

You can sell domains and help with domain renewals.

  • Content creation and marketing

You can provide services like copywriting, blog writing, and management of social media.

  • ¬†Online advertising

You can help your client to maintain their pay-per-click marketing campaigns and other online marketing efforts.

  • Website maintenance and support

You can provide technical assistance with website updates and security support.

  • Managed hosting

You can take up the entire management of hosting infrastructure right from maintenance, updates, security support, etc.

  • Software-as-a-Service integration

You can support clients to integrate various mechanisms and software into their web pages, such as customer management tools, analytics too, or marketing and transaction automation software.


The realm of web hosting in NZ is deep, and the deeper you dive, the more opportunity you get to make a profit.

You just have to ensure you add great value to your customer business. Be updated with new tech and market trends while blending dedication and innovation.