Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2006

Artificial Intelligent machines, computers and robotic systems made some ground in 2005, as they continued to amaze the masses. Except for the year that Big Blue beat the World Chess Champion; 2005 was the year of artificial intelligence, as start-up companies found niches in business, military, space and consumer markets. In 2005 artificial intelligence software programs began to show the world that “Artificial Intelligence” may not be an oxymoron after all; despite what its critics and detractors believe. Currently we have artificial intelligent systems doing surveillance, running vehicles and using decision matrix software to make choices based on pre-programmed best case scenarios. Such systems are commonly found in CRM software, virtual reality systems and hybrid decision making computer command and control systems.

What will artificial intelligence systems be able to do in 2006? Artificial intelligent systems will be able to predict human desire and intent based on previous deviations and choices you have previously made. For instance your GPS system will start alerting you at 10:10 AM that a Starbucks is within in one-quarter mile, knowing it is time for your morning cup of coffee. Your cell phone will alert you of your favorite sandwich shop at 1:11 PM only one block away, it will know that if it is more than two-blocks away that you will not wish to walk that far.

When you turn on the radio on the way home from work depending on the time your stereo system will automatically give you your most likely three choices and if you fail to choose it will select the best possible appropriate song for you at that time. Yes, artificial intelligence will soon be a way of life, it will adjust and remember preference and even choose chaos and select something you may not thought of based on preferences and deviances of past choices. Think about it, “It is!”