Artificial Intelligence – Understanding a Joke and Responding with Another One

Artificial Intelligence is getting better all the time, soon, AI software engineers will create joke recognition systems, where the computer will understand irony and know when the human is telling a joke, then reciprocate with a joke of their own, perhaps creating a joke from scratch.

The system would be pre-loaded with all the jokes common to human interaction in all cultures. It will be able to pick one that has most likely not been heard by the human they are working with at the time; also put in memory that it has been told to that individual so it does not repeat it.

Wow, this is getting complicated fast isn’t it, and this is exactly why it has not been fully achieved. Humor has been a huge stumbling-block for human voice recognition and artificial intelligence systems, yet it is something that humans have a knack for. Still, they are working on this challenge and we will see it within 5 to 10 years, the AI software folks will have that problem licked.

This will mean advances for human companions for long-term space flight, help with rehabilitation and ease the tension of humans working along side robotic partners or assistants, as the transition of robot and human workers takes place. Since robots will be working with and assisting humans, it will be necessary to keep the peace to foster cooperation.

Some consider the programming of humor the ultimate accomplishment for Artificial Intelligence and this maybe a point that humans accept their Artificial Intelligent assistants as one of them. The future cometh, and it will not be long now.