Artificial Intelligent Checker Machine Forgets Humans are Deceptive and Cheat

Well it is official, the code for the game of checkers has been mathematically completed, now there is no way a human being can beat the machine unless it makes zero mistakes and starts first. Interestingly enough it has been a couple of decades almost since Big Blue produced the Chess Machine that beat a World Champion human being.

Other artificially intelligent machines have indeed been able to play tic-tac-toe flawlessly and do many other things such as run decision matrix systems for super computers. One thing that AI or Artificial Intelligence cannot do yet is to determine when a human being will cheat and thus it does not understand that humans are deceptive in nature. Here is an excerpt from the New Scientist Magazine article on the subject:

A mathematical proof shows that checkers always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake. For computer-game aficionados, the game is now “solved.” The computer proof took Jonathan Schaeffer, a computer-games expert at the University of Alberta in Canada, 10^14 calculations over 18 years to complete and is one of the longest running.

Those who think that human intelligence will not be completely surpassed by artificial intelligence by 2012, is simply not watching the fast pace of the new innovations in this area of science. The future is coming ready or not and a big part of that future will be human intelligence. Soon, governments, businesses and even world leaders will be using these tools to assist in decision making that affects all human life on the planet. Think on it, it is real.