Best Banner Ad Networks for Making Money Online

Today, the internet contains so many banner ad networks that webmasters can use to monetize their website. Making money online requires a lot of hard work and only a select few of the networks offer good rates to their publishers. If you want to know whether a network is good for your website, you should check the pay rates of the pay per views and pay per click. Good banner networks are the ones that pay well, and uses the latest advertisement technology to track their publishers and advertiser’s data. The most commonly used networks includes Chitika, Adbrite,, Google AdSense, Clicksor, Exoclick, Clickbooth, AdBrite. All of these banner ads offer great rates to publishers and they use the best advertisement technology. Review is a contextual ad network that is owned by a partnership between Bing and Yahoo. It functions and operates in the same way as AdSence. This network offers standard ad sized banners of sizes 300 by 250, 720 by 90 and other contextual links that direct visitors to the landing pages. pay almost the same rates per click as AdSence. is Google’s biggest competitor and sometimes outsmarts Google in some features.

Chitika Review

For most people who are not approved by popularly used banner ad networks, Chitika is a good network that can be considered in the list of the best ad networks alternatives. With so many advertisers, Chitika offers good rates, high class advertisement technology, good technical support system and their sign up process is very easy to complete. Unlike other ad networks, Chitika offers a very fast approval process that makes most webmasters to rely on them as a good network. Chitika is a very great ad network and most people classify it in the list of the best ad networks for publishers.

Google AdSense Review

For most people AdSense offers a good income and it’s popularly used because it offers the best advertisement technology. Webmasters display AdSense banners on their websites where visitors can click on them. AdSense offers several ad size options in the form of leaderbaoards and rectangles sized banners which are placed as a code on publishers websites. A website is not allowed to have more than three banners displayed, all banners are directed to a targeted page which displays on a new tab or window depending on the webmaster settings. When utilized well, Google AdSense is one of the best ad network that can be considered for optimization and monetizing a website property.