Boost Cell Phone Usage With Samsung AIRAVE

Cell phone usage is no longer a thing of the past. As a matter-of-fact, it is taking over the use of standard landlines. Whether in an office or home, the Samsung AIRAVE can help to boost cell signals on Sprint phones, along with eliminate the number of minutes used on a monthly basis. There are no more excuses for paying two phone bills when you can now pay just one!

The Samsung AIRAVE works with any Sprint phone and for Sprint networks only. As long as you have broadband internet access, you can take advantage of this new gadget. As soon as the unit is connected, your Sprint signal will begin to increase.

Sprint is charging a small fee of $5 for the use of the standard service for the AIRAVE. There are additional plans available, that will not only boost signal strength, but talk-time as well. For an additionally monthly fee, consumers can use the unlimited AIRAVE minutes. This means that all minutes used – while within range of the AIRAVE – will not affect the minutes on your cell phone.

Once your AIRAVE is up and running, all calls from your Sprint phones, route directly through your new mini cell tower. As these calls are made, the minutes from your unlimited plan are affected, not the minutes on your actual cellular plan.

As long as you are within 5000 square feet, of the AIRAVE, you are connected to you home network. As soon as you step foot out of that range, you will automatically be connected to the nearest Sprint network.

Only three connections are possible, at one point in time, through the AIRAVE. As soon as someone disconnects, or steps out of range, a connection opens up.

Samsungs AIRAVE is only available in a few cities – at present. In order to find out more details, and availability, check with your local Sprint carrier.

The Samsung AIRAVE opens new doors to consumers and cell phone companies. This new product allows consumers to talk easier, and cheaper, right from their own homes. The AIRAVE not only boosts signal strength, but allows you to avoid the usage of your cellular minutes!