Course Layout of MBA in Technology Management

Management is as important as innovation, plan and execution. It plays a vital role in successful accomplishment of a task. Technology without management is just like gun without bullet. In subsequent paragraphs, general layout of MBA in Technology Management is given, in order to understand the training infrastructure of this particular course.

Basic Level Training

During the first year of the course, basics are taught to students, with an aim to give them the basic concept of the subject. Students are taught about early responsibilities of a manager. The course includes training in following major parts.

• General Management

• Financial Management

• Information and Technology Management

• Human Resource Management

Basic level training includes induction, orientation and then execution of a particular technology. Managing work keeping all these factors in mind is taught through rigorous and religious training classes.

Middle Level

After the basic level, the training enters the next phase, i.e. middle level training. The aim of this level is to produce first line managers who are dedicated and motivated enough to improve upon their skills, which they have developed during basic level. Communication skills are an important addition here in middle level training.

Leadership Training

After completion of first two levels, leadership training starts. It is most important and interesting part of MBA in Technology Management program. Leadership abilities of the students are polished and raised up, to make them better managers and leaders tomorrow. Management is kind of leadership, therefore this subject has been included, and its exclusive level shows the importance of this aspect.

In all, managing technology perhaps is the most critical and crucial stage in production and development of a new technology. Therefore, there are plans to make it an integral part of any technological degree.