Digi-tome: A New World Of Artistic Expression

I firmly believe, in our digital age, we, as artist and/or audience, should not be limited to traditional rules, constraints and closed doors. Why create or teach a stagnate story, composition or lesson when a dynamic one can exist? Quick bits of information teach far beyond what pages of written or spoken words ever will or can.

The digi-tome, a new technology, enables artists of any medium and ability to borrow from one or all traditional media: visual, auditory, performance or literary, to create new dimensions of entertainment and/or education exclusive to the Internet. The digi-tome and its volumes uses the art and science of traditional media, entertainment and education with the quick bit, fast paced world of blogging. These combinations are endless and the potential to express and create for the world unlimited.

Tome, a synonym for book, especially one made of volumes, seemed the perfect name for this technology- related volumes consisting of various media combinations. The Internet provides capability beyond what we previously imagined for individual creativity. A digi-tome product can be exclusive to only the artists website, blog or blogs.

From teaching, I found that most people learn and respond better with change of voice, truth, exuberance and they especially react to music. life, the first digi-tome, mixes the structure of music CD’s and traditional books and blogging. This was the combination that worked for the story and one I could afford, however the possibilities and capabilities (software, blogs, music, visual, etc.) of digi-tome’s offer new potential of artistic expression as varied as the individual and the world.