Disc Duplication – Outsource Or Do It At Home

Frequently a potential customer will say to me: “I don’t realize why I should use a CD duplication firm. CD media and tower duplicators are so affordable now that I can do it all myself.” And I say: “I can buy eggs and flour then prepare myself a cake for less than a dollar. But I still purchase it at the store.” Here are a few points to consider before you make a decision to do everything at home or use CD/DVD duplication firm.


The least expensive approach of full color printing is an inkjet. You can purchase online inkjet media and create a very good print outcome. In reality, the print motors on many PC printers are related, if not identical, as the computerized inkjet printers used by many specialized duplication firms. Even so, this might be great for one or two hundred CD’s but not much more. Anytime you need bigger volumes of discs, you need to highly consider having a display printed or offset (litho) printed CD. Printed quality of these two procedures. Absolutely hits inkjet away for most designs. Furthermore, you don’t have to be anxious about water resistant or ink diminishing concerns that still occur with inkjet media. Indeed, you can buy more pricey water resistant surface treated media now, but if the ink is not protected with a UV handled lacquer, diminishing can still be a problem.


One full color, complete coverage inkjet disc can take up to three minutes to create. If you are using one of the inexpensive computer printers with a long tray, add another minute playing around with the tray. When you are creating one or two CD’s at a time, this time scale may not be a problem for you. Nonetheless, if you need 50 or 100, you might not be satisfied unloading and loading a computer printer for two or three hours. You could shell out that time doing something far more important to your company (organizing a sales letter for instance) instead of tedious, manual work. If you do generate fairly large numbers of printed CD’s and make a decision to select a computerized system, think cautiously about it. A lot of companies promote that you can load their printers and just walk away. It is not the case. Compact discs get jammed, printers stop or misalign for no cause and functions fail. You might think that you do not need to keep track the procedure but you need to. An expert duplication firm can really get rid of this inconvenience.


The price of the DVD/CD printers differs depending on performance (such as automated media dropping or duplication). From the time of this content, a manual computer color printer with CD printing performance could charge as little as eighty (approximately $160USD). Those types of printers have the beautifully “steady” trays that you place the CD in and force back into the printer. A more sturdy printer like Microboards GX Publisher would set you back five hundred ($500USD). Include another few hundred dollars if you need a DVD duplicator. Right now there is a point where the computer hardware becomes too pricey and you have to determine if the number of discs you create actually justify the buy of these devices.

My suggestion: If you create less than five hundred CD’s per 30 days across a number of tasks, have the time and persistence to manage the procedure yourself and not too worried about print quality. Or else, invest some time choosing a top notch CD/DVD duplication firm that you can rely on with your work.