Discover The True Power Of Obtaining A Degree Online With Distance Learning

Distance learning is not a new trend. Correspondence courses

Have been available since 1946. Correspondence shools were

Not very regulated and most of the schools not associated

With universities had no accreditation.

Correspondence Schools have converted their mail and send

curriculum into a high-tech e-learning system. More colleges and

universities consider distance learning a vital mix of their

academic requirements. Theses university have increased their

enrollment and services to the community without increasing

staff loads by offering distance learning classes.

The Internet has given instructional designers the tools to

created an e-learning system that utilizes these high technology

systems to deliver high quality and multi-dimensional information

through several media. The technology and instruction design

systems deliver a complete education for individuals. who are never required

to step foot into a “real” classroom. There is a virtual classroom

where the student visits to retrieve information, class assignments

and chat withother students.

In a true distance learning setting, students are not physically on

site. The exchange of information is conducted through electronic

media. Some distance education courses are considered blended if a

student is required to physically attend any brick and mortar

location for examinations or introductory meeting.

Universities are able to increase academic classes available to

students, business, and industry by providing quality programs with

innovative delivery.

So the combination of correspondence schools and distant learning

institutions have melded into one industry. The technology to

achieve distance learning may include:

*Voice-centered technology

CD or MP3 recordings or Webcasts

*Video technology

instructional videos, DVDs, and interactive


Using video and audio signals to link participants at different and remote locations over the Internet

or corporate intranet.

Distance learning is sometimes more effective than traditional

learning environments. Student can access information in real time

and respond to on-line questions. There is less pressure for the

student. If the student desires one-on-one interaction., these

tools are available. Student can find additional support online.

Time flexibility is the major advantage of distance learning.

Studies indicate that distance learning can be as effective as the

traditional format when the methods are appropriate to the teaching

tasks, there is student-teacher interaction, and the teachers

provide students with appropriate and timely feedback.

Distance learning has transformed the traditional idea of higher

education. The ability to get a complete education from the comfort

Of your home appeals to a vast majority of the population. Distance

learning is less expensive than traditional school enrollment.

Also students are not hampered by their location.

Distance learning can prevail where traditional education cannot.

Scheduling of classes is almost completely automated. Classes

can be taken at the convenience of the student. Distance learning

offers courses in almost every discipline. E-learning has been called

the greatest educational democracy because it provides a method

For getting an education to everyone

High school students are able to take classes on line to

meet graduation requirements. Workers can take classes on their

own time to meet minimum job requirement for promotions.

Distance learning has changed the landscape of the educational

environment in a positive way. Distance learning has created

the virtual classroom where everyone has the opportunity to

meet their educational goals.