Family Tree Maker Download Program Is A Genealogy Must-Have

If you have been researching your family history, you may have begun your journey with pen and paper. You have probably advanced to the computer because let us face it; the computer provides wonderful tools in compiling data, especially family data. One problem you will face is that no matter how hard you work on this task, you will not be able to make it look professional and neat. There is good news for anyone attempting this task and it is called a family tree maker download. This type of program has helped endless people organize and store their family data competently.

Workspaces to store family information

This download offers numerous workspaces that aid in creating your family tree in no time at all. If your family data is not stored in one place on your computer, you do not have to worry; this program can import your family data from different files. If you do not have your family tree in a format that can be imported, simply begin typing the information starting with yourself and work backwards.

Easy to read charts

The family tree download provides a workspace that enables you to view the documented information about your ancestors in charts that are readable. You can click on a particular “tree” and you can edit and view the information stored on the chart. Another great feature is that you can track where your ancestors lived along with any other type of information you have documented.

Maps for tracking traveling ancestors

The program provides interactive maps for your use in easily tracking the migration directions of your ancestors. Simply select a map from the list on the left and an interactive map will appear showing the area you want to search.

Media and picture files are easily stored

You can manage media, documents, photos and other types of files. Everything you have collected can be found in one location on the program. The media part of this program allows for writing descriptions of your files, which is very important, especially if you have tons of pictures, and audio files. This feature can save you lots of time in having to go through a media file in order to discover what it contains.

Reports are created connecting ancestor relationships

The family tree maker download program allows you to create reports with the information you have stored. Printing out a family tree chart proves easy with showing the numerous relationships between the different ancestors in your family.


A family tree maker download program is a wonderful tool in helping you build the history of your ancestors. The search features along with the other numerous features it contains makes this program worth its weight in gold. This program will allow you to create charts while organizing your family history in a format that you will be proud to show off to your children and other family members.