Grow Your Business With Social Media Paid Advertisements

When we think of paid advertisements, search engines like Google and Bing come first to our minds. This is quite obvious as these are all extremely famous and every Internet users know their names. But did anyone think of running a PPC ad campaign without Google and Bing? Now that’s a million dollar question! There are a few social networking sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) which offer paid ads.

It is very important that you promote your products and services to attract your target audience. And social media can become the platform to help you reach the exact demographics. The best advantage of promoting your ads through social media sites are the customer reviews. Even if people are not searching for your product, they can easily find it from feedback left by others. The main players of social media PPC are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here we will discuss them with details.

Facebook PPC

It is probably the most used PPC platform among all social networking sites. Facebook has over 900 million visitors, and chances of increasing your conversion rate are very high. Even the smallest of businesses with limited budget can try out Facebook for their ad campaign.

Getting Started

Setting up a Facebook campaign is as easy as setting up any traditional PPC campaign: log in and click ‘Advertise.

But before you start entering your ad copy, just think about your goals. Do you want to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page? What will be your Call to Action? Sell products or generate leads or page likes? What is it that you seek?

Now, you have to figure out whom to target. Options include:

  • Location
  • Demographics (age, gender, language, relationships)
  • Likes and Interests
  • Education and work
  • Connections on Facebook

Your Facebook connections can get used to reach different pages, events, groups and applications. Also if you are running a campaign for Facebook Likes, you can exclude people who have already liked the page. Like traditional PPC, image and text ads can get used in Facebook. You can also test your ads with multiple ad copies. Also, Facebook offers free conversion tracking, which is important for any ad campaign.

Facebook PPC can become very useful for startup businesses. If you want brand building, Facebook will help to get exposure, reach more audience, and gain new customers.

LinkedIn PPC

Another fantastic social media platform for PPC campaign is LinkedIn. More and more businesses are coming here to promote their products & services. LinkedIn has over 200 million members, and that’s a huge number to target. It allows to target the correct audience based on their Job Functions and Skills.

Getting Started

Create A New Ad Campaign

To create a new ad campaign, go to: LinkedIn Ads. Select New Ad Campaign and Start New.

Select Your Language

You can select the language of your ad. LinkedIn supports many languages including English, French, Spanish and German.

Choose Media Type

LinkedIn supports two media types; basic text ad and a video ad. The length of the videos should not exceed 30 seconds.

Write Your Ad Copy

Before writing an ad copy, you must decide what will be your landing page. Here are some important factors to know:

Ad Headline – The headline of the ad copy should not exceed 25 characters.

Ad Body – The body of the ad copy should not have more than 75 characters. You can tweak your ads for different visitors.

Call-to-Action (CTA): If you have an actionable CTA within the ad copy, it will improve your CTR.

Target Your Ad

You can target your ad to specific groups, gender, site etc. This will help you to get more relevant clicks, which will eventually increase the conversion. These are the limits you can target:

  • Location
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • School
  • Skills
  • Group
  • Gender
  • Age

Choose Your Payment Method

After selecting the targeting options, you can select the payment method. There are two payment methods –

1) Cost per Click (CTR)

2) Pay per 1,000 Impressions (CPM)

Set a Daily Budget

Set up a daily budget based on your products and target customers. You don’t want to lose out a lot of money in the beginning of the campaign. You need to go slow, check from where the leads are coming, and then spend more on that market.


Track your progress in the Home Screen of LinkedIn ad platform. Here you can see statistics and average CPC of each campaign. Unlike Google AdWords, here the CTR will be a smaller number. It will be around 0.03{1c36cc3864f5d30c3b98cf4341240a101309c4af757573c8c693520fc9029b5c}.

People use LinkedIn for creating connections, searching job opportunities, recommendations etc. This is the time you put your ad in front of them. Try out the LinkedIn campaign and boost up your business.

Twitter PPC

Many advertisers found that Twitter is a great place to promote their products and services, as it has over 200 million active users. It offers promoted tweets which can get targeted to timelines, search results and any geographic area.

Why Twitter ads become popular these days?

  • You can target specific Geographic region
  • Interests and Gender wise vary your ads
  • Add keywords in tweets
  • Target mobile or desktop devices
  • You can promote posts, tweets and also trends

Types of promotions Twitter offers:

Promoted Tweets

It works for individual promoted tweets. The advertisers have to pay a bid price when another Twitter user replies, re-tweets or favors their tweets. There are three targeting options in promoted tweets: search results, homepage feed and your profile.

Promoted Trends

Here the advertiser has to contact Twitter directly to purchase a particular promoting trend. Twitter will notify the trends with ‘Who To Follow’ section, which is present at the top of the Twitter account. This will be very beneficial for gaining followers.

Promoted Accounts

Similar to promoting your Facebook page, promoting Twitter account will help to increase your business or brand. There is a great chance that your content will get shared, if you have a large fan base. Even if you rarely convert your leads into sales, a large outreach is always great for branding.

While using Twitter ads, make sure you provide engaging, fresh and valuable content for the users. Just like Google AdWords and Facebook, Twitter can also help businesses to generate leads and convert them into sales.