Here Are 4 Examples of Virtual Assistant Work for Starter’s

We have known virtual assistant work is challenging especially for the beginners. Being part of this industry today is a bit demanding, but it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to have a career at home especially for the parents who still want to gain income without leaving the house and sacrificing family time. So here are some tasks you can start to apply for being a VA:

1. Email Manager: Most people communicating through email nowadays and that’s why companies needed people who will manage with their email account. Their job is to reply the customer questions about the business product or services. Inbound email administrator will require a fast typing speed because this is a form of customer service.

2. Social Media Manager: Everyone today is active in a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube and many others. Here the firm wants someone to oversee their account regularly like posting and also might include in replying some comments if needed.

3. Content Writer: This is for people who love writing and had a very imaginative or creative work that the client needed. Being an author is good for those moms who are at home because they can write about their life being a working mom at their residence, about also their children especially they have a more imaginative mind, or you can compose any stories according to the request topic ask by your client. Here you will draft stories for them.

4. Customer Service Representative: This is for companies that are looking for an outsource agent who will answer incoming calls. Your job is to answer the calls and resolve the customer concern with product or services that your client offer. Here you must have good communication skills, speak English, data entry because they will require to document what happened in your call and has a broad understanding because sometimes they will talk about different things, but their complaint is a lot more different. There are criteria also that they will require like a computer, head seat, internet speed and quite working surroundings.

These are only for the beginner’s who don’t have any skills or experience in graphic designing, appointment setting, hotel ticketing/booking, bookkeeping and many another jobs that offered for being a VA. That other aptitude can acquire by enrolling yourself in any VA classes that will help you to get or attract more client due to that you offer many services, or if you are internet savvy, YOUTUBE is helpful for you. In that website, you can watch tutorials about many other skills that you can use for being a VA. Nowadays expertise is more important than those courses that you finish because the ability is more helpful in looking for a job or career. Even though virtual assistant work is not an easy job and also require a lot of mastery but doing the best you can do and leave a good impression on your client will build your reputation is a good start. So take a step, start to build your career being a Virtual Assistant today.