How to Burn Games

There can be many reasons why you want to find out how to burn games and have a copy of your entire game collection stored on a safe place whether you prefer Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii or something else.

The biggest reason for most games is that the media the games are being stored on gets ruined quite fast if you do not take properly care of the media. Actually just be playing the game often the game media gets scratched by the consoles DVD drive and soon or later the game will be lost.

Until now burning games have been a complicated task to do because very often it has involved hardware modifications on your game console. This has put you in a bad situation because you lost your warrant and ending up being banned from online gaming networks.

Another problem have been that most DVD burning applications have not being modified to burn games for external devices like game consoles, but mainly for computer software.

Now there is a solution to the problem and that is game burning software you install onto your computer with the purpose to burn games to no matter what console you are using.

This special burning software is designed to read games and media designed for consoles and then burn them in an exact 1:1 copy on a media your console can read.

The procedure is quite simple but works
1. Install the game burning software onto your computer and restart.
2. Take your favorite console game and insert it into your DVD Drive
3. Use the Burning Software to create an image of the disc onto your computer on a location you can remember.
4. Insert an empty DVD be sure it is the right format according to your console, like Blue Disc for Ps3 or DVD9 for Xbox 360.
5. Use the burn function in the burning software to start creating an exact copy.

You can create as many copies as you want you just have to be a little patient because some games takes up a lot of space on a media.

With this how to burn games guide and burning software you can create as many copies as you want and you will keep your game collection safe for future use.