How to Decide What Product Or Service to Offer in Your Next Social Media Online Marketing Campaign

What to consider when Promoting a product or service using Social Media Online Marketing Campaign

Personally, I have to have a good fit with my online marketing plan, as I am not just in it for the money. You have so many options for your online marketing campaign; I find it a tough making decisions. I say carefully analyze the stats provided the certain internet marketing strategies you have outlined for your business, then follow your gut.

Here are some online marketing tips…How you develop relationships and how you play social politics lays the foundation for your marketing branding in online communities. In Your campaign strategy you must provide value to people’s lives.

It took me 8 months to get a good grip on the massive complexity of online marketing education, SEO- SEM strategies, site structure, various online marketing tools, social protocol- SEO2.0 and marketing branding. All the while I was applying these theories to my target market and intended service I was planning to promote to create an effective online advertising and marketing campaign.

Notice I did not mention programming, html, web design, IT, fulfillment /e commerce… If I did not have my partner Glenna Branham to do the excellent job she does covering those areas, I would be burnt toast.

Well sometimes the rush of it all…. feels like the possible rush one would feel having their skin seared from a branding iron…literally… yikes.

Seriously, Daily I asked myself…is this what branding marketing and online advertising is all about. Do I have what it takes to survive in such a stressed, high paced and demanding environment?

Choosing a niche is what you do in the first 3 days the thirty day challenge. After completing my online marketing search with my new Market Samurai tool, the results made me feel a bit defeated. Then doubt of success began to creep in….. again.

So what made me feel defeated with Market Samurai’s results?

The results said do not waste your time.” However, prior to my experience with Market Samurai, my online marketing research results provided by another search strategy and set of tools said “go for it”

Hence my confusion…

One of the many  things I do love about the thirty day challenge, aside from its name, is that it encourages consistency. It so far is the most brilliantly delivered online marketing programs I have ever received, for free. These guys are amazing. Their accent rocks…which I find an additional treat… You have got to check them out. 

Back to my dilemma…

So I decided to ignore my findings with Market Samurai and continue on with my original online campaign strategy

Am I wasting  my time, will I loose money? We shall see… however I do not believe so.

What I want to share is this…

1. If you are planning to start an internet business, go at it like it is a REAL business, consistency is one of the key components to your online marketing plan if you expect to pull this massive gig off enough to produce an income, just like any other business. 

2. The tasks required to maintain this online marketing mix with Research& Development is daunting.

3. Keep in mind; marketing is only 20{1c36cc3864f5d30c3b98cf4341240a101309c4af757573c8c693520fc9029b5c} selling or less. Your main goal needs to be focused more on marketing branding and relationship building. So it takes a lot longer to build a solid foundation of trust.

4. Applying social media online strategies affords value beyond belief if approached correctly. That is why there is much room at the top, yet at the top there is fierce competition. This is where branding saves your butt, stay true to yourself.

5. Staying true to yourself could be dangerous to your health, as it requires self examination in preparation for a new level of transparency in seo2.0. Again, plenty of room at the top, cause for most of us… to be honest…we do not like what we see in ourselves.

6. If your online research results do not line up with your product/ service choice, dig deeper if your gut tells you too. I did and found the demand is there for my service and products. The only problem is that the audience does not know how to search for it yet! When they do, they will find me… because I know the internet marketing strategies to correctly plan the advertising campaigns to advertise on line and drive my audience to it.

7.  You have to have a system and a clear action plan that is orderly and daily maintained if you expect to survive in the social media online marketing arena.