How to Earn Money Online Through Social Networking and Micro Blogging

Are you addicted to social networking websites like Facebook and micro blogging sites like Twitter? If yes then why not make them your earning source as well. Enjoy, surf and earn. Thousands of people visit and exploit these sites daily. They present huge potential for earning online. Issue is how to earn money online through them. Many of us already have accounts on Facebook and Twitter; we need to start exploiting the earning possibilities like thousands of people are already doing.

First, let us look at Facebook. Usually everyone is attached to a particular common interest group or on larger scale a community. Use these group lists to your advantage while promoting yourself. Similar to eBay, use Facebook’s Marketplace application to sell individual items and earn superb returns for it. You can sell anything from books, furniture, appliances, gadgets etc. Also, get to know how to make money online through affiliate programs by integrating the links of various products and services into your Facebook page.

Make sure you sell and promote genuine things else it will deteriorate your image on the social networking site. If you have your own website or blog, you can attach links of the same on your social page. If there are websites other than your own, Facebook allows you to link them to your page. However, it is important that you read the policies, procedures and legal disclaimers before you start with anything new on a particular website.

Similar to Facebook, see how to earn money online through Twitter. Akin to many other websites earning on Twitter is also mostly done through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the foundation of earning money on the internet. The faster you master the art of placing right advertisements in right place and at right time the faster and easier you are going to earn money.

On Twitter, become a member of RevTwt. The program allows you to earn money on pay-per-click basis. All you have to do is invite them to check your profile. They check how many followers you have. What type of communities you are part of? What type of people or domains you follow. Once they accept your request, you can place advertisements for different products and services on your page. Every time the ad is clicked to view, your account is credited with some money. Other than this join several affiliate-marketing sites and place their ads to earn more money. Remember, key to maximize your returns on Twitter is – number of followers, the more the better.