How to Make Your Computer Run Faster – Why, Oh Why, is it So Slow?

You want to know how to make your computer run faster and are wondering why it has become so very slow. When you bought it, it was so quick. What has happened? Is it time for a new computer?

Well, there are a numbers of reasons why a computer slows down and starts giving problems and I’ll explain them below.

1. The hard drive is heavily fragmented. When you save to the hard drive, it gets stored randomly anywhere on the hard drive. This means, that when you want to open a file, the computer needs to search the whole of the hard drive as it could be anywhere.

2. Too many programs are opening at startup. There are very few things that need to be opened with the startup menu, yet so many companies like to load their programs there, without you being aware of it.

3. The drivers are outdated or have bugs. Drivers should be kept up to date.

4. Your computer may have a virus. Make sure you have anti virus software installed and up to date.

5. There is spyware on your computer. This could be quite harmful as your personal details may be at risk.

6. The computer is running out of memory (RAM). You may need to get rid of all unnecessary programs and files and consider adding more memory.

7. Too many Windows services running in the background. If you have Vista, try disabling the sidebar and you’ll see that it makes a difference.

8. The registry is cluttered and damaged and needs to be repaired.