How To Monitor Another Computer – Computer Monitoring Software

Computers are full of applications and Internet based distractions that may be of some concern if you are an employer, parent or suspicious partner. Whilst it is always best to be honest and up-front about issues relating to computer usage, there may come a time when you will want to know how to monitor another computer.

The question of how to monitor another computer is fairly easily answered by the plethora of computer monitoring programs that are currently available. Many boast a broad range of features that make monitoring a remote computer quite easy. Features can include monitoring websites visited, time spent on particular applications or websites, Internet filters, keyloggers and screenshots of what is being viewed on the monitored computer.

Most software will also generate easily understandable reports at preset intervals. Some standout programs can monitor computers over a web browser, so that there is no need to monitor from one remote computer. This is particularly useful for monitoring large numbers of computers at once with more than one administrator, for example, in a school or large company.

Depending on the intended use of monitoring software, there are many types that have specific combinations of features that are highly suited to specific needs. For example, some programs offer a detailed filtering system, for use with young children and teens, whilst others will monitor time spent on social networking sites to suit employers looking to optimise productivity during time spent at work.

There are also many basic programs that simply log keystrokes, called keylogger software, which will let the monitoring party know exactly which keys have been pressed at what time. There are many contentious privacy issues surrounding the use of such programs, particularly when it is used for illegal means, such as obtaining passwords.

Most monitoring software is only legal to install on computers that belong to the person installing it, or where the person is an administrator of the computer. Whilst it can be useful to know how to monitor another computer, it is also well worth bearing in mind the legality of using monitoring programs in some circumstances.