iPad Alternatives – Latest iPad Rivals

Apple is very popular in the mobile devices market because of its innovative computer and electronic gadget designs. Apple iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices are famous all over the world for their quality. Apple launched its first tablet pc named iPad in 2010. iPad gained a lot of attention and popularity because of its design and features. However, there are many iPad alternatives which are giving it a tough competition.

At the moment, Samsung Galaxy Tab represents one of the best iPad alternatives. Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with better portability and power features then iPad. It was second best sold tablet, just after Apple iPad, in 2010. A second generation of Galaxy Tab will be equipped with much more features, and is likely to make a strong competition to second generation of iPad too.

Samsung, with its new tablet is becoming one of the biggest Apple rivals. New Samsung PC 7 Series runs on Windows 7 operating system and has integrated sliding keyboard as input device. Other features include 10 inch touch screen, two back and front cameras, USB ports and solid state storage. All these features and innovative approach attracts a lot of attention among potential buyers. This probably isn’t an iPad killer tablet, but will represent important iPad alternative in the future.

Another iPad competitor is BlackBerry PlayBook, a RIM’s first tablet pc. Tablet comes packed with features like dual core processor, dual cameras, phenomenal multi-tasking ability and support for Flash. A complete compatibility and the ability to pair easily with BlackBerry handsets, is another reason to consider Playbook as iPad substitute.

The first tablet from Motorola will also be strong competitor for iPad. Motorola Xoom is powered by Android 3.0, the first Android operating system designed specifically for tablet PCs. This tablet computer has dual core Tegra2 chipset, two web cameras, 10 inch display with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and 10 hours of full HD video reproduction. All these advanced features and the fact that Motorola Xoom is first tablet that runs tablet optimized Android OS, makes it one of the strongest iPad alternatives.

All these and many more tablets are expected to enter tablet pc market during this year. Customers that are buying tablet computers expect new models to be cheaper, better and more portable. Comparing tablet computers shows, that Apple will have to launch soon a second generation iPad, in order to maintain its market share.