Online Computer Science Degrees – Bachelors and Masters

You can become a computer programmer, a computer designer, a systems administrator, a software engineer, or many other occupations with a degree in computer science. According to the US Department of Labor, three of the fastest growing jobs through 2012 include the need for a degree in computer science. And they are expected to grow by 40{1c36cc3864f5d30c3b98cf4341240a101309c4af757573c8c693520fc9029b5c}!

The average salary for bachelors of computer science graduate is $47,000 and this increased to $54-74,000 at a master’s degree level.

Even with the current trend of outsourcing computer work, there are still plenty of job opportunities for those who are interested in development, team building and problem solving. Programming and other static jobs are more easily outsourced to foreign countries. The forward thinking student will not just learn computer programming.

If you like thinking “outside the box” then computer science may be just the career for you. As new and more sophisticated hardware is developed there will be more need for software development, problem solving, and idea creators.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science will give you a firm foundation on which to build your career. You will learn the basics that will allow you to transition easily as new technology is developed. A degree in computer science will pave the road for a bright future.

Many reputable campus based colleges and universities and totally online colleges offer bachelors and masters degrees in computer science online. Check out an online college degree program website for further information. You will have access to information about the many schools that offer this program. You can learn about the classes, curriculum, financial aid, and can even apply online to start your academic career as fast as possible.