Out of the Box – Computer Accessories

Many laptops and computers are selling for rock bottom prices – netbooks are now retailing for as low as $300 at popular electronic retailers. This lower price point means many of us may be looking to add an additional machine to our households or get a dedicated computer for the kids.

Meanwhile, another option with more affordable equipment is to include more add-ons that fit our computing needs. This might be a setting up a router and network in your home or getting better protection for your equipment through extended warranties or anti-virus software. Consider some of these computer accessories with your new laptop or computer:

Software – first and foremost, many critical software bundles (such as Microsoft Office) now need to be purchased on top of your equipment. Microsoft offers Home, Professional and Student packages for its MS Office Suites.

Hardware – while many love the portability of smaller machines such as netbooks and notebooks, there are some features that could be lacking – for example, many netbooks don’t include a CD-Rom drive. Thus, you may want to look into hardware extensions and accessories including external hard drives, CD-Rom or DVD-player.

Printers and Scanners – meanwhile, for small businesses and sole traders, an all-in-one printer will be essential for record keeping and file management. They can be set up for individual computers or shared on a small home or office network.

Creature comforts – computer accessories come in a variety of styles and colours so it’s easy to personalise your equipment and express yourself. Laptop bags, mice, wireless keyboards and external monitors, even a USB powered coffee warmer – you can include any number of computer accessories to make the most of your work station.

Meanwhile, for those looking to stay up to date with the latest technology, computer rental makes it easy to upgrade your equipment when the newest models are released. You can also bundle your computer accessories into the same lease when you hire a computer or notebook.