Retirement Computer Games – Casual Gaming For Us!

Believe it or not, one of the hottest markets for video games is not teens or young men, it’s us retirees!

Who would have thought that active adults would be participants in the video game revolution…? One of the growth areas in video gaming is what they call “casual games”, i.e. PC-based games that we non-gamers can pick up in just minutes and play with the simplest equipment.

The emphasis in casual gaming is on fun, rather than realistic, graphics. As opposed to violence, casual games are family friendly. Some are old favorites like Pac Man and poker. Games previously played with pencil and paper like Soduku are online now, and there are plenty of new strategy and mystery games geared towards us.

Broadband internet makes it possible to have a great gaming experience online. You can buy a game online for about $20. Often you can try before you buy. You can also visit the portals such as Yahoo Games,, MSN Games and WildTangent for a wide variety of casual games. Look for new things to come from breakthrough sights like, and

If you’d like to combine a little exercise with your gaming, invest in a Nintendo Wii. You’ll need a console but can get a nice little workout from Nintendo’s sports games. It’s a great activity for groups of friends and family get-togethers. Next thing you know they’ll be putting skateboard parks in retirement communities. After all, we’re young at heart!