Robots and Artificial Intelligence With a Sense of Humor?

Is it possible to make an artificial intelligent robotic android assistant with a sense of humor? How about one which could come up with an original joke on its own? Wow, that is certainly pushing the realm and current paradigm in artificial intelligence isn’t it? One gentleman, Keith, recently stated in an online think tank that;

“Humor is a sophisticated human trait. I’m sure it could be mimicked to some small degree, but anyone could see through that.”

Well, absolutely he is correct in every regard but I did not say it was going to be easy. And to that I certainly hope he is not bailing out on this ultimate challenge? Don’t quit on me now my friend. You will need to program humor, perhaps through a system which seeks out anomalies in data, ironic situations and points them out to the human is a start.

This should be possible considering the search and retrieval capabilities needed for operation of an artificial intelligent android. The artificial intelligent android robot must be convincible and treated as equal, respected and trusted, and therefore camaraderie is needed and advisable.

Perhaps it might be possible to program the artificial intelligent robotic android to continually search its memory during each task, like a human does, while thinking while doing something else. Perhaps when it finds an ironic situation it can apply this logic to some other set of events that made a human laugh previously and put together a couple of one liners? HA, can you just imagine the joke telling robots of the future. Now that is what I call artificial intelligence. Consider this in 2006.