Slow Computer Fix – How To Stop Your Computer Freezing and Make It Faster

Are you having trouble with your slow computer? If you have a slow computer running on Windows what should you do? In this article you will know what to do to get your computer to run faster than before without having to hire the services of a technician, or worse buy a new computer and how to get a slow computer fix.

First of all, why is your computer running slowly? There are a number of different possibilities as to why:

1. There might be too many applications or programs that have been installed on your computer, and most of them might have been installed on your system folder. This is a bad habit of most computer users, they download a program they liked off of the internet and then just click OK on every window that pops up, they do not even check which part of the hard disk the application gets installed in.

Windows needs a substantial amount of disk space for it to run smoothly, if the hard disk that it’s installed on is full then it would run slowly. Delete any desktop shortcuts that you aren’t using, even though they aren’t that big of a file they still do eat up disk space and make your computer slow to start up and shut down and remove any programs you do not use.

2. Another reason why computers tend to run slow is because of computer viruses and other malware that found their way into your system. These will usually make your computer freeze and even crash sometimes. When people experience a slow running computer, they usually always think that the cause is a virus. Install an up-to-date antivirus program so that you’ll be able to scan for and get rid of any viruses and other forms of malicious software that got in your computer. Regularly scan your computer to avoid getting infected and run scan with a system scanner if it is still running slow.

3. The most common cause of computers running slow is due to a lot of corrupt Windows registry entries. The registry is an important part of the operating system that tells your entire computer what it should do, it’s like a roadmap of sorts, giving directions to your computer as to what it should do. If the registry contains a lot of errors it will make the computer run very slow. Since it can be very hard to fix the registry manually, the best thing you can do is to download an automatic system and registry scanner. This will browse through your computer and fix any of the problems that it might encounter.

By doing these simple procedures you can be sure that you’ll be getting your computer up and running at a much faster rate than before.