The Case of Artificial Intelligence in Debate of Philosopher Auguste Comte’s Categorization of Human

The famous philosopher Auguste Comte categorized human thought in the made 1800s into only three classifications; Religious Thought, Scientific Thought and Philosophical Thought. But are these truly the only types of fonts that humans are capable of? Many would disagree and this is an ongoing debate in Western philosophy. Many believe these classifications are too simplistic.

Now then, using these simplistic categories for Artificial Intelligence, which is based on human thought, as it took human problem solving to create it, thus what it does is by-way of human thought, yet it knows no faith. Artificial Intelligence only knows of priorities and so is it is limited to thought that of only is in no category, yet if your stretch the definition you could say it fits into only one category; Scientific?

Priorities cause reasons, but an AI computer does not reason, yet if it sets priorities is it reasoning in this case and thus using philosophical thought. Thus, one could argue an AI computer uses two categories. And the programming has “absolutes”, thus faith. If we define human thinking in this way then Artificial Intelligence is possible and will over come human thought by the same methods.

Or Artificial Intelligence is human thought. If so then human thought is that of systems and methods and “what it is to be human” is ill-defined, and humans are organic machines, using Ockham’s razor this observable actually. Thus humans are organic machines, but that goes against Auguste Comte’s belief system.

So either he is wrong and had not thought this through or his belief system has caused an error in his theory due to the fact that his mind could not conceive this circumstance that man would become God to robots or artificial intelligence So the gentleman has some more questions to answer, so we need to bring him back to life and put him on trial? You see, if human thought is a system of thinking and we consider the full-extent of what Auguste Comte was theorizing. That is to say that; Religious is knowing prioritizes “faith”; philosophical thought is knowing prioritizes “reasons”; and scientific knowing prioritizes “evidence,” then such a system will dictate human thought and we need to re-classify Humans as self-replicating carbon based organisms (machines) or AI organic brains.

Or artificial intelligence as humans. Thus are humans actually alive or are they programmed machines and/or is artificial intelligence the same as the human mind and therefore man is now God? Indeed, if we agree with Auguste Comte causing only these classifications then we are boxing in one’s thinking, thus they are no-longer thinking at all.

Yet one might also argue that too many rules also stop the thinking process, let us call that bureaucracy of the mind. So the most sophisticated AI computer would actually think less and become less innovative, while the less complex programming would be freer to reason. Simplicity, builds complexity and complexity results in simplicity.

(See Lance Winslow “Allegory of a Baseball inside an Aircraft Hanger” circa 2007)

Now then using these rules or these classifications of thought then are humans really thinking, reasoning and/or problem solving. Especially considering that “Faith” is an absolute causing boundaries. Then those “Faiths or Absolutes” are “rules” just like in an AI Computer. Adding more rules causes closer proximities of intended output or answers. Thus less thought occurs, less reason, more linear problem solving.

We know that in human societies that too many rules stifle innovation, thus these systems of human thought or rules are causing humans to be limited in thought. Thus for unlimited thought to be achieved one must dismiss rules, categories and regulated boundaries of thought to achieve unlimited thinking, no matter what philosophy one subscribes too or categories they pick to describe the process.

What say you? Say you what? Any thoughts, dolphins think too? Is Comte saying without realizing it, due to his linearness, that species on this planet are indeed all using systems type thinking? So, there is no real thought going on here on Earth based on his own comments and observations of his own thoughts and conclusions. I am underwhelmed.

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.