Video Marketing, Social Media & Business

There was a time when the terms video marketing, social media and business could not be uttered in the same sentence.

Today the words video marketing and social media are common place. They conjure up images of Facebook, YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace, bebo, blogging, twitter, digg, and much more. As a result these words and websites now form an integral part of our day to day lives, that a world without them is almost unimaginable. If this is the case why have so few small-medium size businesses grasped the potential inherent within the sites? Why have they not gravitated to using video as their primary business marketing tool?

The answer may lie in part in understanding the how’s and why’s of video marketing. Another part may be the actual doing (creating this dynamic, interactive and engaging masterpiece) and final in the all-important cost. The truth is most small-medium size businesses don’t understand or haven’t taken the time to fully appreciate the benefits of video marketing. In particular they have not considered the power or benefits of having their own ‘web-based video commercial’.

So what are the benefits?

1. Targeted marketing ensures you stand out from your competitors

2. Appeals to those who have a genuine interest in your business, service or product

3. Increases the number of visitors to your site and also the amount of time spent.

4. High Google page ranking for key search words

5. Easily to monitor and fully transparent.

6. Cost effective and easily affordable

7. Generates higher quality enquiries

The truth of marketing in today’s world is that it has never been a better period than now for small-medium size businesses to maximise their exposure, via video marketing and the creation of web-based video commercials.