What Can I Do to Fix My Slow Computer?

A slow running computer has got to be the most frustrating thing to be up against in our era of lightning-speed communications. A slow computer makes it seems like you are riding a mule on a cross country trip when you should be flying a jet.

Waiting 10 minutes for a Web page to load up in this day and age just doesn’t seem logical. Still, it happens. In my line of business I see some incredibly slow computers. Some of them are almost brand new! Some of them aren’t exactly new but still, should something that is considered space-age and has a chip that’s rated for 1.6 gigahertz be crawling? I don’t think so.

So, what can we do about it? How can we get the hare back into that Pentium IV tortoise? This article will explain how a perfectly good, relatively new computer can lose all its speed and what we can do to get it back

Spyware, Anyone?

The first thing we have to do to get our slow running computer back up to speed is give it a good spyware scan. Most people I know already have a spyware cleaner installed on their computers. A spyware cleaner would be some kind of spyware/malware/adware cleaning program that you have installed on your computer or came on the computer when it was new.

Sometimes a computer will have a virus scanner installed on it and this is OK. Somewhere along the line anti-virus software and spyware cleaners sort of stole each other’s job. Any good virus cleaner will take care of any spyware your computer may have and any good spyware cleaner will get rid of the viruses The key word here is malware. Viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers and any other stuff like this are really malware, or to be more specific; malicious-software.

All this means that the first step in getting your computer’s speed back is making sure you have no viruses or malicious software. How do you do this? Scan your computer with a good virus and or spyware cleaner. Don’t have one? Well in that case, you better get one quickly.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to install a new spyware cleaner on a computer that is hardly running. So, if this is the case, you may have to bring your computer to a repair shop and have it scanned from another source.

Spyware Free?

Once you are quite certain you don’t have any spyware or viruses or any of that kind of stuff on your computer, the next step is to get your registry cleaned on-line. Again, if your computer is operating so poorly it will crash before you could get on-line and download anything, you may be out of luck. You may have to bring your computer to the shop.

If however your computer is operating, albeit slowly, simply go to the website of a top rated registry cleaner and get a free scan. Yes, all the good registry cleaners I know of will give you a free scan so you can see if registry corruption is your problem.

If you do have corruption in your registry, you will have to purchase the registry cleaner’s license so you can let this program repair your registry. Don’t worry, registry cleaners are dirt cheap when you consider the great service they perform, like making your computer fast again.

I can’t tell you how many computers I seen transformed from crawlers into flyers after they got their registries cleaned! Even better news is the fact best new registry cleaners optimize the registry as well. Optimization will make your computer even faster. I’ve seen this happen many times. It is very impressive! So, there is my advice. Get and keep your computer’s registry cleaned and probably, speed will no longer be an issue!