Windows Vista Overloads My PC

I know from personal experience that there is nothing worse than going to your local computer store and buying the top of the line computer only to get it home and be totally disappointed with the speed. Okay, yeah they seem fast at first, maybe for the first few weeks, but personally, I am always soon to be disappointed. This seemed to always be the case since I purchased my first computer in the early nineties. I just figured that there was nothing I could do about it and I had to live with it.

Then things got a lot worse. I bought my first Windows Vista computer and couldn’t have been more excited. I got it home and unpackaged the computer. I absolutely love that new computer smell. Nothing is more fun to me than setting up a brand new computer for the first time. Before I get to off track, let me continue. All of that joy was stolen from me once I got Windows Vista up and running. This computer acted as slow as any other computer would later in its life right off the bat! I was angry, disappointed, and I felt down right robbed.I do a lot of graphic design and yes, from time to time, play a few games. This computer was slower with those programs than the older computer that I was getting rid of.

So until now, I thought that the only option was to go back to Windows XP. Now I know that Vista can be optimized. The really silly thing is how simple it actually is. Being a major computer geek is not necessary. There is a computer geek out there right now who has compiled a step-by-step set of blue prints on how to optimize vista with no additional software or hardware. There are things that can be learned from this guy that will fix all of your Vista worries. Eliminate crashes and get that lightning fast computer that you paid for the day you bought it! Vista has loads and loads of unnecessary programs running in the background of your PC. Learn to shut them off. That is just one example of the many ways that you can easily and quickly optimize any vista machine.