WMV Files – Play Your Tune

World’s topmost company Microsoft Corporation developed a format better known as Windows Media Video or WMV in short which is basically used to view videos in a computer or laptop. This type of video format works well with any of the common players like Windows Media Player, Real Player, VLC Media Player, KM Player, Win amp and not to forget the giant Power DVD. The first version WMV 7 which was developed in the year 1999 and was successful.

One of the major reasons for using these files is that it allows mega capacity videos to be easily compressed without affecting their quality. These files can be played by the use of a set of codecs. A codec is a small program that can read a file, create video and audio formats from the data given.

WMV files when played on PC

There are few basic yet essential streps required that you need to follow to play such files in your personal computer.

1. If your computer already has a Windows Media Player program, WMP, then update its latest version so that you can play those video files properly. You can do this by downloading from the Microsoft Windows Media Player website. But, In case you are not able to view these on your system, then Windows can give you an error message mentioning that WMV files cannot be opened. For this, you need to identify which program can open those files or your registry may be damaged.

2. Now, open the Windows Media Player from your PC and select the video file to be played.

3. You can select multiple files to be played in WMP.

4. If you do not wish to use WMP, then you can use other players that support this format such as Win amp, Power DVD, VLC etc

WMV files when played on Linux

Windows Media Video can be played in Linux using a compatible media player. Linux supports Video LAN Client or VLC player through which you can play your files. VLC player supports format of WMV files directly. Some of common players usually used in Linx are Boxee, Real Player, Mplayer and Helix Player.

WMV files when played on Macintosh

You can also run your video files in the Mac OS using the Mac Version of Windows Media Player. Apple computer supports Apple Quicktime media player which can also play WMV files. For this, you need to install File4mac plugin. It is a freeware that can be downloaded from Microsoft website.

WMV files cannot be played on Vista since it is an operating system. It doesn’t play anything.

Happy tuning to all viewers!!