WMVCore DLL Error Fix Tutorial – How To Fix The WMVCore DLL Errors On Your PC

WMVCore.dll is a file that is a crucial constituent of Windows Media Library that is utilized by applications featuring multimedia; they particularly work with compressing and decompressing the media files. Its mechanism involves making use of the codec in WMV or Windows Media Video. In Windows, the Windows Media Player accesses this file in order to play music files or watch movie files that are labeled with the wmv. Having the wmv core dll error means that something has gone wrong the file. There could be many reasons that trigger the error and you have to find out what these are, troubleshoot and repair. Here is the tutorial to guide you in doing this.

What Causes The WMVCore.dll Error?

The common warning messages that users get when they have the wmvcore.dll error are:

  • “Cannot find [PATH]\wmvcore.dll”
  • “Cannot start [APPLICATION].”
  • “A required component is missing: wmvcore.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.”

As you can see, the computer is signaling the lack of a particular component necessary to finish the process of playing a particular video or audio in Windows Media Player. The dll file could be missing, misplaced, corrupt due to virus infections or damaged. No matter what the case is, it is clear that you need to resolve the matter with this particular component. Follow the guide below to do this properly.

How To Fix WMVCore.dll Errors

If the inconsistencies are being caused by the application, then you have to remove it and reinstall it agai. See which programs trigger the error to show up. Note these down because they are the ones needed to be re installed.

Go to START> Control Panel> Add/ Remove Programs.

Among the names listed, identify the names of the applications you noted down.

Remove or uninstall these. After doing so, restart the computer and see if the error still occurs.

You can simply insert the CD installer or download the application again if you want to re install. Next, fix the issue with the dll file by replacing it.

Download the wmvcore.dll zip file from the official website, and unzipit in the computer’s hard disk.

Go to c:\windows\system 32 folder to find the old dll file and rename this into wmvcoreBACKUP.dll; also, place the new dll file in the same folder.

Register it by opening command prompt (Run> type “cmd”). In the box, put in “regsvr32 wmvcore.dll” to make the new dll file official. Restart the computer so that the medications can take effect.

Lastly, download the Frontline Registry Cleaner program. Let it run a scan of the database. This is a trusted tool that handles the registry’s maintenance and resolution of issues. If the error is being caused by any of the data stored in the registry, this software can pinpoint and repair them easily. It willcontrol the situation and prevent any potential errors that could harm the computer system.