In this on-the-go age, where time is the nutrient most of us are lacking in, size, portability and ease-of-use are the chief prerequisites for many of our gadgets. We don’t want to invest in things that weigh us down or make movement difficult. This is why the iPod wiped out the Discman and the electronic dictionary its hard-backed, bulky counterpart. People want less weight, fewer restrictions and ease of use when investing hard-earned money in their technological devices. Manufacturers, to stay afloat in a global sea of competition, keep consumers’ interests close to their breast.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of consumer demand is essential to successful business practice. It’s what set in motion the design, creation and launch of the tablet PC. Designed for use by an individual with a busy lifestyle, it is lightweight, requires little energy and is equipped with a powerful battery. All tablets are installed with a wireless internet adapter for use in open public networks. Most are without a traditional keypad, having instead a virtual on-screen keyboard. For added security – and sophistication – tablets also come with fingerprint and handwriting detection capabilities.

As size is arguably the most important consideration for tablet PC consumers, the standard screen size for a tablet is 12″ with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. This size is optimal for the power, size and weight constrictions of portable devices.

The vast majority of packages available to conventional PCs – as well as applications, software and hardware – are available to tablet PC users. Microsoft, in particular, is developing specific supportive packages for tablets running Microsoft packages and has included tablet versions of their popular operating systems, such as Vista and Office.

Tablet personal computers are made by most major computer corporations.There are many different types available today.Slate,Convertible Tablets,Booklet Tablets and Hybrid are the most popular on the market. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking to buy one you should research each excessively so as to match the Tablet PC that best suits your needs.

Computers seem to be getting smaller.Desktop computers have transformed into laptops and now we have the tablet PC with its popularity increasing day by the day. Not to mention the price tag that follows. It is worth knowing the key features. Happy Shopping! Hope you end up with one that meets your needs and helps you greatly.