Web 2.0 Hack Attacks Terrorize Social Media Platforms

Hacker attacks on Web 2.0 social media networking sites are likely to come more often and be more creative and complex. Hackers and cybercriminals’ commando skills are increasingly leveraging the Web. Their aim is to maim Web 2.0 applications and social networking sites. Organizations waddling into the Web 2.0 stratosphere need to listen up and re-assess their defensive mechanisms to protect users from hidden threats lurking on legitimate sites.

Hackers are driving and distributing unrelenting malware perpetrating identity theft, financial fraud, and corporate espionage. As a growing number of Web 2.0 applications are routinely adopted into the business world they bring with them confronting security concerns.

Almost two-thirds of businesses use at least one Web 2.0 application while in constant dread that Web 2.0 could lead to data loss from hackers gaining access through the back door. Easy and inexpensive Web 2.0 applications implementation make it a natural shortcut to high consumer demand for more transparent and smoother on line experiences.

The tremendous popularity of Web 2.0 social media networking has virus writers and hackers crazed with hunting down and claiming popular and valuable Web 2.0 sites, targeting the greatest number of users as their own. With so much money at stake Web-based attacks are becoming more lethal, malicious, and crushing. The challenge to protect confidential information will become the greatest threat to enterprise security.

Hungry hackers and malware developers have ‘drive them insane’ tactics ready to compromise and devour popular Web 2.0 sites and install intimidating code to dupe personal and business confidential information out of users and systems alike.

Likewise spam, combining spyware, viruses, and other malware are on the rise. Web 2.0 social networks are further threatened with the chilling use of encryption to gain access through the back door without being detected. Seeds of doubt around security grow like weeds as spyware flourishes as constant security and management threats. Improvised and focused theft of private information, disarmed desktop, increased downtime, chewed up bandwidth and fanatic help desk calls are overwhelming call centers and IT departments.

On the other side, security companies are riding the wave of Web-based attacks into greater market share for their white knight services. Cynics are even citing that these attacks are originating from security companies themselves as a way of pocketing easy money. Don’t laugh. Who’s to say it’s not true. After all, who would be more equipped to put out fires than those guarding the matches? Everyone has budgets.

Businesses eager to simplify security and all the associated costs of hardware, administration, management reporting and call center headaches may soon abandon ‘old ways’ and run to ‘cloud’ technology without fuss or fanfare if they can finally figure out issues around cost, security and delivery and before they’re totally unhinged by hackers.