How to Convince Your Boss To Get You a New Computer

There are very few people these days who work without out a computer in the United States. Even in the more “blue collar”, trades professions, things like office communications, accounting, and parts ordering are often done on computers and via the Internet. But for “white collar” workers, the connection between work and computers is even more intense. People who work in law or in business or in communications or in public relations or in marketing spend the vast majority of their days staring at their computer screens. During the rare breaks that they get from these activities, they are often attached to a cell phone or some kind of mobile device that keeps them connected to the world of their office, even when they are trying to drift off to sleep. While some might consider this to be an unhealthy relationship between work and home life, for many people this is just the reality, and there is really nothing to be done other than try and maintain one’s sanity.

So when a machine – a computer or a smart phone – breaks down, this can actually become a full-blown crisis in the life of a stressed-out, overworked employee. Not having access to one’s computer for a few days can be absolutely devastating. It can feel like an earthquake has come and utterly destroyed your home – you feel completely vulnerable, suddenly faced with how precious life really is! Even when your computer just slows down considerably, this can add an inordinate amount of frustration and anxiety.

That is why it is important to sell the hp Compaq notebook that is making you miserable, and get a new one, stat! But while it is easy to say, out with the old and in with the new!, finding a store that will sell an hp Compaq notebook that is brand new and also cheap is easier said than done.

This is why it is great if you can convince your boss to buy you a new computer. There are a number of reasons that your boss should do this, the first being your productivity. Simply explain to your boss how much your ability to work has been affected by the recent problems with your computer. Quantify it in hours lost, if you must. Show your boss the different places that will sell the hp Compaq notebook that you want, and how much it will go for. Explain how this small investment will actually return a maximum profit when the boss considers how much faster and harder you will work, and how appreciative you will be. Loyalty is never a bad thing for a boss to have in an office!

Finally, you can let your boss know how easy it will be to sell the hp Compaq notebook you already have for cash. This can be a discount, if you are honest, for your company. Tell them about the many third party websites that will buy it off of you. Heck, you may even give the boss an idea to sell all of the office’s old equipment for an upgrade!