Windows Defence Removal Tutorial – Fix Windows Defence Quick & Easy

Windows Defence is a leading malicious software program that’s estimated to already have infected 100,000’s of computers already. It’s designed to look and operate like a legitimate antivirus program, but the fact is that it does nothing at all to help fix viruses / errors on your PC. Known as a “rogue antivirus” tool, it basically works by stealing your personal details and showing a series of fake popups in order to get you to buy the fake upgrade to the program. Although this virus may be one of the most common on the Internet, it’s still quite difficult to remove unless you use the correct tools and techniques to completely eliminate it from your system for good.

This program will typically find its way onto your computer from the likes of a Trojan Horse virus, another type of infection or from a false online antivirus scan. The good news is that this virus will not damage your computer or files… however, the bad news is that it will try all it can to steal your unsecured personal information as well as getting you to buy the fake upgrade to the program. It’s characterized as showing a series of false antivirus scan results in order to try and scare you, as well as disabling many common Windows features, including the likes of the Task Manager and the Internet. To get rid of this infection for good, you need to be able to remove all parts of it.

The official term for this virus is a “malware” (malicious software) infection. Malware is a relatively new type of virus infection that sees legitimate software programs installing onto your computer and then causing all sorts of malicious damage. Even though this software may show itself as an effective tool, the fact is that it’s fake and will do nothing for your PC. The only problem is that in order to get rid of the virus, you need to be able to remove all its components. Many people think that they can just delete the program from their hard drive and it will stay away for good… however, this is incorrect as Windows Defence actually installs a huge number of “backup” programs into the Windows folder – which it continually uses to bring itself back onto your PC.

To get rid of this virus from your system, it’s strongly advisable that you use a “malware removal program” to get rid of it. These are software programs which basically scan through your PC and legitimately remove all the infections that are on it. We’ve found that a program called “XoftSpy” – produced by a large software company in Canada, is the best for removing Windows Defence. This program is extremely popular and is used by millions of people around the World. We’ve found that XoftSpy is the best tool to remove WD because of the way it can get rid of all the components of the infection in one scan. To use this tool to get rid of the virus yourself, you should download the program from the Internet, install it and then let it scan your PC. It will then identify all the errors and remove them all for good.